Failure To Launch: ‘Skylab’ bogged down by slow-placed narration


Telugu movie ‘Skylab’ has opened to mediocre reviews due to its slow-paced screenplay, despite beig based on a charming folktale.

Reports from the theatres suggest that the movie failed to captivate the pulse of the audience, despite the makers’ attempt to produce a period satire.

The deliberate, slow-paced narration is seen as the biggest drawback for the film. Though the core story and the characters are honest, the narration is where the film falters.

Director Vishvak Khanderao has written an honest script, but with unimpressive establishment of emotions.

Inspired by incidents surrounding the fear of NASA’s space station ‘Skylab’ crashing to earth, in Karimnagar in 1979, ‘Skylab’ is an interesting story. It is a movie set in 1979, in a remote village called Bandalingampally in Telangana.

Nithya Menen, Satya Dev, Rahul Rama Krishna have justified their roles in the movie. How the village people react after they assume that the collapse of ‘Skylab’ would be imminent, forms the crux of the story.



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