Family beats up mother-daughter over a dog issue


A woman and her daughter were badly beaten up by a dog owner when they tried to shoo away the dog who was defecating on their boundary wall.

According to reports, the victim Bina Pandey and her daughter Kaushiki were on a walk after dinner on Sunday night when they saw their neighbour, Sanjeev Pandey’s dog defecating on their boundary wall.

The two tried to shoo away the dog but this enraged the neighbour who came out with his family and started abusing the two.

When Bina Pandey objected to the foul language, Pandey and his family caught the mother and daughter by their hair and flung them on to the ground.

The incident was caught on the CCTV cameras and is now going viral on the social media.

The police spokesman said that the victim had lodged a complaint and a case had been registered against the accused family.



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