Fans upset over re-release of ‘RRR’ uncut version in the US

The uncut version of blockbuster ‘RRR’ will be released in 100 theatres across the United States but fans who do not understand what an uncut version entails, seem to be upset.

Fans are wondering if there are any additions from the originally screened movie in India.

But, the truth is the uncut version refers to the original film that all the audiences have watched, and it is simply a term used by Hollywood to refer to the original film that has not been edited or cut for English audiences.

The theatrical re-release of ‘RRR’s uncut version will be a one-night event.

S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ scored big at the box office all over the world as it grossed over Rs 1,100 crore.




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