Farah Khan: It hurts when my children get trolled for their religion


Filmmaker Farah Khan says even though she does not mind too much when she faces trolling on social media, she reveals why she does not put out pictures of her children on social media during any festival.

Farah was in conversation with actor Arbaaz Khan for his chat show ‘Pinch By Arbaaz Khan’.

Farah said, “It really irritates me, asking whether my children are Hindu or Muslim. Earlier I used to post my children’s photo for Diwali and Eid, I have stopped doing that. I don’t post pictures during religious festivals…it’s very sad, but I don’t do it.” She pointed out how her kids were trolled over their religious beliefs.

Even though the filmmaker delivered several commercial potboilers, reacting to how she still gets trolled for her film ‘Tees Maar Khan’, she said, “People have done far worse movies, people have done far worse work, and you’re still stuck with that (Tees Maar Khan).”

The full episode of the conversation will be released on September 1 on QuPlay’s YouTube channel, ZEE5 and MyFm.