Farmer leaders to bring down language barriers with subtitles

Farmers are leaving no stone unturned in intensifying the farmers stir. That is why they want to disseminate their message to the entire country through the use of technology.

The ongoing farmers stir on Delhi’s borders has seen the participation of every section of society as well as farmers from all parts of the country who speak in different tongues.

To ensure that language doesn’t act as a barrier the farmers have invited youngsters who will help deliver the message of farmers rights to far-flung states in their own language.

At the borders farmers come and deliver their speeches in different languages and so do farmer leaders. Now, a group of youngsters will ensure that the farmers’ speeches on social media have subtitles for wider reach to a multi-lingual audience.

Farmer leader Jagtar Singh Bajwa told IANS AT Ghazipur Border: “Our country is a land of different languages. We are trying to bring people closer through the use of subtitles. This will ensure that when a farmer leader gives a speech in Hindi or any other language, subtitles can run on the video screen.”

Eleven rounds of talks between the government and farmer organisations have not made any headway so far. Farmers have been protesting on the national capital’s borders since November 26 last year.