Farmer saves son from leopard attack in Dudhwa Reserve

A farmer saved his seven-year-old son from a leopard which was dragging away the boy to the forest area.

The incident took place near a village adjacent to the buffer zone of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve on Monday night.

The boy, Sandeep, sustained multiple injuries. He is being treated at the community health centre, where his condition is said to be stable though he is still in a state of shock.

According to his father, Radhe Yadav, he had just parked his bike outside his house when he saw a leopard dragging away his son, Sandeep.

Without wasting a moment, he jumped at the leopard and caught its hind leg.

Hearing their screams for help, neighbours rushed to their aid and attacked the leopard with sticks. Seeing people crowd around, the leopard let go of the boy and escaped.

It may be recalled that about two weeks ago, a 12-year-old boy was mauled to death by a leopard in the same area.

The same leopard is suspected to be behind this attack too.

Anil Patel, divisional forest officer, said, “This area is affected by floods which is why the leopard has shifted towards it. The village is also on the banks of Ghaghra river and is surrounded by flood waters. The only way to reach the village from the city is by boat. We are unable to carry a cage to the village at the moment, but we have installed two fox lights to keep wild animals away at night. Locals have been advised to be cautious and keep children indoors after sunset.”–IANS