Friday, July 19, 2024

Farzan Faaiz’s ‘Dil Baazaan’ is a fresh melody that will enter listeners’ hearts

Singer-composer Farzan Faaiz, who is known for his track ‘Dil Hai Khilaaf’, has released a slow but catchy sad single ‘Dil Baazaan’.

The track brings a fresh break to the audience from jingly melodies around us. The single Dil Baazaan, released by Gems Tunes equally matches the brilliance of his last single.

Farzan’s singing and composition lend a certain charm to the track. With its depth and feel ‘Dil Baazaan’ has the potential to top the audience’s playlist and the charts. A slow-paced, heart-breaking sad single, the lyrics of ‘Dil Baazaan’, penned by Faaiz Anwar, carries emotional weight.



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