Father of Alwar rape victim accuses cops of foul play

As the Rajasthan police remain clueless on Alwar rape case even after 20 days, the father of the victim, distressed after seeing cops taking U-turns, has accused the police and the administration of pressuring him to accept the accident theory ‘conceptualised’ by them to give another turn to the case.

A deaf and mute minor girl was found bleeding profusely on January 11 in Alwar. She was rushed to a local hospital from where she was referred to Jaipur based JK Lon hospital for further treatment.

While the police initially termed it as a gang-rape case, later it said that there is little possibility of gang-rape and then started working on accident angle which according to them left the victim injured.

Meanwhile, the father of the victim on Monday evening said that he is not at all satisfied with the police probe.

“We want justice in the matter. My daughter has been speaking in sign language and saying that she was thrown by two youths from culvert. She starts crying when asked to speak more on the case. However, the police team is pressuring us to accept it as an accident case and have been telling us that we shall get compensation for accident,” he said.

“Administration tried to lure me by making a promise of giving land and was told that they will also construct a home for us. They said that Rs 3.5 lakh has been given to us and we shall get a little more for accident, he claimed.

“This kind of offers makes it clear that they are doing something wrong,” he said, adding that the FSL report has claimed there were semen traces on her dress. However, the police asked us to send more clothes from our house and now says that semen were found on other clothes too. Now this sounds unbelievable. We have sent clean clothes which were thoroughly washed and then sent. How can it carry semen,” he asked.

“I have not been allowed to go alone anywhere. Cops say that BJP people will take us, while Congressmen say that they want to end this issue.”




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