Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Fauda’ actor Lior Raz shares video of Hamas rockets flying over his head

Israeli actor-screenwriter Lior Raz, who is known for his work in the hit series ‘Fauda’, took to his X (formerly Twitter), to share a chilling footage showing him at Sderot town while it is bombarded by Hamas.

The actor shared a video from Sderot, a town in Israel, as he witnessed rocket attacks from Hamas amid the ongoing war.

Taking to his X, he shared the video and wrote: “Accompanied by Yohanan Plesner @yplesner and Avi @issacharoff , I headed down south to join hundreds of brave ‘brothers in arms’ volunteers who worked tirelessly to assist the population in the south of Israel. We were sent to the bombarded town of Sderot to extract two families.”

In the video, he can be seen with Yohanan Plesner, who is the president of the Israel Democracy Institute Yohanan Plesner, along with journalist Avi Yissascharov in the southern Israeli town of Sderot. They can be seen taking a refuge behind walls as the Hamas rockets fly over their heads.

Lior has volunteered to join the Brothers in Arms, which is a group fighting alongside Israel in the ongoing war against Hamas.

On October 7, Palestinian militant groups, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel.

Since the ongoing conflict, more than 1,600 people have been killed from both sides.



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