Fearing spike in fever cases TN govt on high alert

The Tamil Nadu health department is on a high alert over the possibility of a spike in fever cases as monsoon retreats. The department has directed the people to wear masks regularly, to keep safe distancing, and also sanitize regularly.

The possibility of H1N1 Influenza, ordinary influenza, and Covid-19 diseases spreading during monsoon is also anticipated by the state health department.

Dr. Manonmani. G, Associate Professor in a private medical college in Chennai while speaking to IANS said, “The fever has taken a back seat in the state for the past few days. This is mainly due to the school vacation and the fever can be back in the state and extreme precaution is the need of the hour. People should clearly take the health department’s directives seriously.”

Dr. Swaminathan. R, Retired Professor, Madurai Medical College while speaking to IANS said, “Of late some patients, who have a fever, are also reporting diarrhea and this is either due to instances of food poisoning or part of fever. The point to note is that the state has to gear up for the fever which is sure to resurface during the monsoon.”

Tamil Nadu minister for health and family welfare, Ma Subramanian, while speaking to IANS said, “People must stick to the directives given by the state health department. The health department is working hard but without people’s support nothing can materialize and hence everyone must bear in mind the directives given by the health department to prevent an outbreak.”

Doctors at the Institute of Child Health and Children Hospital, Egmore also cautioned the people to be wary of the rain-related fever in the state.

Dr. S. Srinivasan, Nodal Officer for Child Health told the media persons that the number of fever cases that approach the hospital has come down to 10 a day from 80-90 a few days ago. However, he said that the fever can come back during the monsoon and called upon the people to be cautious.




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