Fed up of gym exercises, actress Rambha takes a break

One of Tamil and Telugu cinema’s most popular actresses Rambha, who is now happily settled with her family in Canada, has announced that she is fed up with gym exercises and is going to take a break.

Taking to Instagram, the yesteryear actress, who was at one time one of the top actresses of the Tamil film industry, said: “Training off this week. I suggest you follow your heart. Got fed up of gym exercises, dieting, beauty tips, yoga, cooking healthy food etc. “Thinking of the above makes me depressed, scared and sad! I decided to follow my heart and keep myself happy by just enjoying nature, my love and my kids!”I am going to live my life the way I wanted and dreamed about. I am living my dream.”

The actress posted a picture of herself with her son on a snowmobile along with the post.

Rambha married Indrakumar, a Canada-based Sri Lankan Tamil businessman, after which she quit acting in films.




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