Feeling more ‘secure’, 3,841 Kashmiri Pandit youth returned to Valley: Centre

Feeling more secure in Jammu and Kashmir, a total of 3,841 migrant Kashmiri Pandit youth have moved back to the Valley, the government said on Wednesday.

The government also stated that another 1,997 candidates have been selected for jobs under the same package in April 2021, who will be moving to Kashmir soon.

In a written reply to Sanjay Raut in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai, said, “Kashmiri Pandits have felt more secure in the recent past as is evident from the fact that 3,841 migrant Kashmiri youth have moved back to Kashmir where they have taken up jobs in various districts under the Prime Minister’s rehabilitation package.”

Rai was replying to Raut’s question as to whether the government is aware that many Kashmiri Pandits have become insecure in the last few years, fearing that they could be targets of a false flag operation.

The minister explained that as per the report of the relief office set up in 1990 by the Jammu and Kashmir government, a total 44,167 Kashmiri migrant families were registered who had to move from the Valley since 1990 due to security concerns.

“Out of these, the count of registered Hindu migrant families is 39,782,” the minister said.

Talking about the 1,997 candidates moving to Kashmir soon, the minister mentioned that as many as 26,684 migrant Kashmiri youth showed interest of going back to the Valley by applying for 1,997 posts, which were advertised by the Jammu and Kashmir’s recruitment board in December 2020.

The government has also prepared a comprehensive policy to provide residential accommodation to the Kashmiri migrants who have moved back to Kashmir.

A total of 6,000 residential units are being constructed for them at an accelerated pace. Already, 1,000 residential units are being used by these employees.

Approximately 900 such families, including Kashmiri Pandits and Dogra Hindu families, are residing in Kashmir.

“With regard to those who never migrated from Kashmir, the government has allowed their inclusion in the jobs package for Kashmiri migrants. Besides, they are getting all the benefits of government schemes along with others in Kashmir,” the minister said.

The government has taken the necessary steps to protect the life and property of the people, he said.

These include proactive operations against terrorists, identification and arrest of over ground workers and supporters of terrorism, action against members of banned organisations, intensified night patrolling, coordination meetings among intelligence agencies, maintaining high-level of alertness etc.