Feeling sluggish? This is what you need to do


It seems to be a common occurrence these days to feel sluggish and lethargic and tired all the time. With the pandemic, lockdown and the consequent work from home schedule, more and more people are finding themselves feeling sluggish, lazy and sleepy almost all the time.

While in some cases, this could be a symptom of a medical problem, more often than not, it is a result of poor sleep patterns, increased consumption of junk and processed food and most importantly not enough physical exercise.

In order to combat this perennial sluggishness, nutritionists and fitness experts suggest some lifestyle changes that you can make which will help reduce the fatigue levels and also do wonders to your energy levels throughout the day.

Sleep well

Not sleeping at the same time every night, erratic sleep schedules, staying up too late, sleeping fewer hours – any and all of these reasons could make you feel dull and lazy. Not sleeping at least seven hours every day will make you feel tired, it will affect your memory, mood as well as productivity. So, clock in at least seven hours uninterrupted sleep every night.

Eat energy rich food

The best way to boost energy levels is to incorporate the right nutrients in your daily diet. Include Magnesium (which you get from bananas or pumpkin seeds) as the boost nerve and muscle function. Including Vitamin-B rich foods, like leafy greens and whole grains as these provide all the energy the body needs.

Consuming egg yolks, mushrooms or soaking up early sun is a good way to meet the Vitamin D needs of the body.

Include iron rich foods as the main job of iron is to help red blood cells transport oxygen through the body. If you are deficient in iron, fatigue and lethargy is a common side effect.

Workout the right way

Not all exercises are for everybody. Remember the thumb rule – the right kind of exercise for your body will improve dopamine levels in the body. After the first burning, when you do a workout that suits you it will give you this instant rush of energy and you will stop feeling the aches and pains. So, pick the workout that maximises dopamine for you.


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