Fighting reported in 200 Afghan areas in 24 hrs

Fighting between the Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANDSF) and the Taliban were reported across 200 areas in 24 hours amid escalating violence in the war-torn country, official data revealed.

The Defence Ministry on Thursday claimed that 148 Taliban fighters were killed in the fighting with Afghan security forces, and more than 160 others were wounded, reports TOLO NEws.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed to have killed over 50 security force members and wounded dozens more.

The militant group, which has stepped up activities and captured over a dozen districts since the withdrawal of the US-led forces from Afghanistan on May 1, also claimed that they seized two military bases in Shinkai district, Zabul province, and Bagahwi village of Sar-e-Pul province.

Over the past two months, the government has lost 30 districts to the Taliban, which makes up 8 per cent of the country.

Previously, 210 districts, which makes up 54 per cent of the entire territory in Afghanistan, were under the control of the government, 132 districts are contested and 46 districts were under Taliban control.