Friday, July 19, 2024

Finger of suspicion points to govt agency: Chidambaram on alleged Apple alert row

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Wednesday slammed the BJP Government at the Centre over the alleged state-sponsored hackers targeting the mobile phones of the Opposition leaders, saying that after the Pegasus mystery which has not been resolved till date, the finger of suspicion points to a government agency and at the moment it is only a suspicion.

In a post on X, Chidambaram slammed the government and said, “It is undeniable that hundreds of Opposition leaders got an alert from Apple of a state-sponsored attempt to compromise their phones.”

“Why only Opposition leaders? Who will be interested in compromising the phones of Opposition leaders? After the Pegasus mystery, (not resolved until this date), the finger of suspicion points to a government agency. At the moment it is only a suspicion,” he added.

His remarks came a day after a major row erupted on Tuesday after several Opposition MPs and leaders claimed to have received a notification from Apple stating that there was an attempt to compromise their devices by “state-sponsored attackers.”



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