Finland kicks off national energy-saving campaign

Finland has officially kicked off the national energy-saving campaign in an effort to encourage at least 95 per cent of the households to save electricity, and to lower the demand during peak times.

The campaign called “Down a Degree” came into force on Monday, reports Xinhua news agency.

Since the government unveiled the details of the energy-saving campaign called “Down a Degree”, at the end of August, nearly nine out of 10 Finnish people have taken measures to cut their consumption, according to a Citizens’ Pulse survey published in September.

Fingrid, the major grid operator in Finland, recently reported that electricity consumption decreased by 7 per cent last month on a year-on-year basis.

Under the campaign, the government aims to achieve a permanent reduction in energy consumption in Finland.

Meanwhile, Kati Laakso from Finnish sustainable energy company Motiva said that with winter just around the corner, “more effort will be needed from all”.

In addition to households, companies and other organisations are also involved in the campaign, with 541 entities pledging to take concrete steps to save energy.

With the launch of the initiative, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment said most Finns had already started reducing their consumption during the summer.

The Ministry expects the campaign to help ensure energy sufficiency in Finland, contribute to a sustainable electricity system, and curb rising energy prices.




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