Fire near Ukrainian defence intelligence HQ


Black smoke has been seen rising from near the Ukrainian defence intelligence headquarters in central Kiev, BBC reported.

Ukraine said some of its military command centres have been hit by Russian missile strikes on Thursday morning after Moscow launched a military operation against its neighbour.

The building appears to be intact, and the smoke actually appears to come from a large fire next to the building. Witnesses have seen uniformed people throwing bags on to the fire, the report said.

Just outside Kiev, in the town of Brovary, authorities said at least six people were killed by a series of missile strikes.

Explosions and gunfire have been heard across Ukraine after Russian forces invaded the country.

A residential building in Chuguev was destroyed after it was shelled. Footage has emerged which shows the devastation being inflicted by the Russian military, BBC reported.

In the capital Kiev, people have been fleeing to seek safety, amid fears that Russian forces will attack the city.

People have been trying to flee the capital and there is a palpable sense of shock all around.



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