First a Wizard, now a ‘Weird’: Daniel Radcliffe to lead ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Hollywood actor Daniel Radcliffe famous for playing popular wizard Harry Potter in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise movies is now donning the ‘Weird Al’ persona for the Roku original film about the parody king Weird Al Yankovic.

For the role Daniel can be seen sporting the same frizzy hair and moustache. Roku released the trailer for ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ on Tuesday at its NewFronts 2022 presentation. The movie has been produced by Funny Or Die and Tango.

Yankovic has reportedly co-written the script along with Eric Appel who is also attached to the movie as the director. The movie which stars Daniel Radcliffe in the titular role will stream on Roku streamer in the fall of 2022, but the exact release date has not been announced yet.

As reported by Variety, in the trailer, Radcliffe who is playing the role of Yankovic, very dramatically says, “Anyone got an accordion?”

The teaser trailer also shows the ‘Harry Potter’ star bare-chested on a stage where is taking a swig from a bottle and then spitting it into the air.

The makers are calling it ‘an untold true story’ of Al Yankovic and they say it will document his journey to stardom with hits like, ‘Like a Surgeon and ‘Eat It’, along with showing his many publicised love affairs with celebrities and “his famously depraved lifestyle”.

This movie is also said to be a kind of scripted mockumentary which will spoof oft-done tropes that are have been overused in self-applauding biopics so far.

Watch the trailer here:

‘Weird’ also reportedly stars Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Madonna, Julianne Nicholson and Toby Huss who play Weird Al’s parents – Mary and Nick as well as Rainn Wilson who will be playing the role of Dr. Demento (radio broadcaster).

For the unversed, Al Yankovic is a five-time Grammy award winner and is known as the best-selling comic recording artist of all times.

The musician’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ which released in 2014 became the first comedy album ever to debut at the number one spot on the Billboards Top 200. Yankovic is synonymous with his Aloha shirts and has numerous hits to his credit including, ‘Another One Rides the Bus’, White and Nerdy’ and ‘Smells Like Nirvana’.

When the movie project was first announced in January 2022, Al Yankovic made a statement to the media where he said, “When my last movie, ‘UHF’, came out in 1989, I made a solemn vow to my fans that I would release a major motion picture every 33 years, like clockwork.”



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