First black vulture spotted in Gurugram’s Chandu wetlands

A black vulture (Coragyps atratus) was spotted in Gurugram’s Chandu wetlands recently, which is reportedly the first such sighting of the bird in India, a wildlife rescuer said.

The bird’s range usually spread from the northeastern US to Peru, Central Chile, Brazil and Uruguay in South America.

Wildlife rescuer Anil Gandass said the bird was first spotted by two guides Sachin and Ramu Raghav of the Sultanpur bird sanctuary in Gurugram on Friday evening and the latter alerted the former, who thronged the site since Saturday morning and identified the bird as black vulture.

“We came here at Chandu wetlands at 7 a.m. and found it sitting. It’s the rarest of rare sightings as the bird has never been spotted in India. Years ago the same bird was spotted in Nepal so we suspect this was the same bird,” Gandass added while releasing images of the spotting.




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