Saturday, July 13, 2024

First elbow replacement surgery done at KGMU

Orthopaedic surgeons at King George’s Medical University (KGMU) have relieved Veer Bhadra, a farmer, of pain and stiffness with the first elbow replacement surgery here.

Prof Shailendra Singh, operating surgeon and senior faculty at the department of orthopaedics, KGMU, said, “Elbow replacement is not common, and this case was complicated as arthritis resulted in stiffness of the arm at 90 degrees from shoulder. The complications started with a malunion of fracture (A malunion fracture occurs when a large space between the displaced ends of the bone have been filled in by new bone) that he suffered three-years back and arthritis worsened it.”

“Life had become difficult as I was unable to do anything. Pain often kept me awake during the nights. Three days after the operation, I can lift my hand to my mouth and eat,” said the 56-year-old patient.

He was operated upon last week. Prof Singh said, “In majority of the cases arthritis is caused in all body joints but in his case the cause of arthritis was malunion of humerus bone.”

“We replaced the damaged elbow with the one made up of titanium cobalt and plastic. He can now fully move his elbow and has resumed his daily activities,” said Prof Singh.

Explaining the challenge in elbow replacement, Prof Singh said the elbow joint is surrounded by nerves and arteries, which can be injured during surgery.



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