Fitness entrepreneur debuts as author, dispels health myths

New Delhi, July 10 (IANSlife) From aspiring for a Hrithik Roshan-like sculpted body during his early years to juggling between a low-calorie, swanky gymgoer lifestyle along with a sedentary IT job, the fitness journey of Fittr Founder and CEO Jitendra Chouksey, was full of one hurdle that all enthusiasts encounter–Fitness myths. Debuting as an author, Chouksey attempts to detail this in his first book, ‘Lose Fat, Get Fittr’, which launched this week.

Focusing on easy-to-understand science behind nutrition and fitness, the book is published by Rupa Publications and carries a foreword by Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty.

Writing about fitness myths in his introduction to the book, he says: “Science relies on research and uses testable explanations, but these fitness myths are a whole lot of half-truths and random tips that are continuously peddled without anything to back up the claims being made. Science asks questions and helps you gain clarity about matters that impact you; fitness myths want to mislead you so that you fall prey to some scheme or cure or must-have solution that leaves you more destitute in both health and wealth.”

“These days, there are several forms of fitness myths and they can be found in all sorts of places: Dadi Amma’s ‘nuskey’ or tips and tricks, that wellness ‘expert’ and her TV show, social media handles or fitness columns, water-cooler gossip, your well-meaning but utterly clueless friend or relative, or as you’ve already seen, even your local gym trainers.”

According to Chouksey, his book will educate the readers about ‘quantified nutrition’ and exercise, the two fundamental pillars of good health.

There is a lot of misinformation on nutrition and fitness around us that derails our fitness journey even before it can begin. With ‘Lose Fat, Get Fittr’, my aim is to share the right knowledge and dispel all the myths, he concludes.

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