Florence Pugh to produce and star in Netflix’s adaptation of ‘East of Eden’


Netflix is working on a limited series adaptation of the novel, ‘East of Eden’ (authored by John Steinbeck) with Zoe Kazan.

Hollywood actor Florence Pugh has been roped in to co-produce as well as star in this project.

As reported by Variety, the series which is still in the early stages of development is being written as well executive produced by Zoe Kazan. Zoe Kazan’s grandfather Elia Kazan was the man who helmed the 1955 movie adaptation of the Steinbeck novel.

Florence Pugh is attached to the project in what is assumed to be the role of Cathy Ames. The series will be co-produced by Endeavour Content and Anonymous Content.

As per Variety, this limited series will explore the novel’s central themes of trauma and healing; duty and free will and love and betrayal. The series will showcase the life of the Trask family set against a backdrop of historical forces or to quote author Steinbeck, “the story of my country and the story of me.”

According to reports, the novel tells the tale of interconnected stories of the Trask family, whose head of the house is Adam Trask and the Hamilton family who are Irish immigrants with nine children.

Eventually, in the novel the story zeroes in on the Trask family and all the drama surrounding members of the Trask family – Adam, his wife Cathy and their children Aron and Cal.

Speaking about the novel, Zoe Kazan said, “I fell in love with East of Eden when I first read it, in my teens. Since then, adapting Steinbeck’s novel — the great, sprawling, three-generational entirety of it — has been my dream. More than anything, I have wanted to give full expression to the novel’s astonishing, singular antiheroine, Cathy Ames.” Speaking about the limited series adaptation, Kazan said, “Florence Pugh is our dream, Cathy; I can’t imagine a more thrilling actor to bring this character to life. Writing this limited series over the last two years has been the creative highpoint of my life. I hope that with our partners at Netflix, Anonymous Content, and Endeavor Content, we can do justice to this material — and shed new light on it for a 21st century audience.”


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