Flying private for destination weddings

New Delhi, Nov 1 (IANSlife) Getting married is a life-changing story and so, adding an extra touch of magic to this very special occasion has always been the goal for those who plan to get hitched. On occasions such as a wedding, people try to make the marriage a memorable experience for themselves and for everyone attending it.

The wedding business, however, took a huge hit during the Corona Virus Pandemic. While some postponed their wedding plans, many went ahead with small private events. But now that the situation is normalizing, Big Fat Indian Weddings are making a comeback.

Flying high up in the sky, enjoying the comfort and luxury of a private jet cabin, one never gets a better opportunity to make that Proposal you have always wished for. And nothing can make it more special for your love than the moment which you devour together in the air.

When it comes to those who have been with you through all your ups and downs, your friends, celebrating with your close ones “in the air” can be the perfect way to show them your love. Celebrate the moment with them by watching the night sky lit with stars and city lights underneath, just from a “different point of view.” Also, amuse them with the rich menu and fine dining inside a chartered flight.

Arranging private charter flights to help your wedding guests reach the nuptial location on time will also make them realize your concern for them along with creating amazing memories for them. This has already become a coveted goal in the best-destination weddings. You know, the sky’s the limit when it comes to luxury!

There are a lot more advantages — travel time to the destination in a chartered helicopter is reduced to about one-third of what it would take by ground transportation.

Leaving for your honeymoon destination can never be easier without a helicopter charter or private jet flight. Watch the metal birds skim through cotton candy-like clouds and dream with your love, about the life that’s in front of you. Just relax in the offbeat environment of atmosphere, enjoy the exclusive experience and make the most out of that opportunity to create make for a lifetime.

Private Charter companies curate unparalleled services for a luxurious affair with extra sparkle. Whether it is an intimate affair or a grand celebration, they offer extraordinary services comprising personalized inflight dining, concierge support, and other hospitality assistance.

Your destination wedding shouldn’t be just a destination; it should be a journey. Give yourself and your guests the experience of a lifetime and fly them down the runway before you walk down the aisle.

(KanikaTekriwal Reddy is the founder and CEO of JetSetGo-Aviation)

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