Food for Thought: Mithun Chakraborty shares inspiration behind his ‘Bestseller’ character

Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, who is gearing up for his upcoming series ‘Bestseller’, recently revealed the inspiration behind his character of ACP Lokesh Pramanik on the web show.

The character is a huge foodie and a large chunk of that trait comes from the show’s producer Siddharth Malhtora.

Shedding light on his character, the senior actor said, “My character in the series – Lokesh Pramanik – is a quirky but lovable ACP who is a foodie at heart. You will see me constantly eating, or talking about food, or cooking and making YouTube videos.”

He added, “Do you know where the inspiration of this crucial characteristic came from? It is based on our producer Siddharth Malhtora’s long lost foodie habit. Siddharth used to be very passionate about food, a true connoisseur. He would always give reference of restaurants and the famous dishes attached to them and used to be ever ready to eat. But he is a changed man now, still a connoisseur but not ever ready to eat!”

Recollection an incident from the filming of the show in Mussoorie, he revealed how he had to seek refuge in a local restaurant after a huge crowd turned up to see him perform, “During one of the sequences, I had to ride on a cycle rickshaw on the Mall Road and I realised that there were thousands of fans who had gathered to see us shoot.”

He further said, “Even though we had some 20 security personnel at hand to maintain decorum, at one point I had to literally move inside a restaurant and was locked inside by the team till the local police came to clear up the crowds. It is a high for us performers to see so much love from the people.”

In his words the natural beauty felt like, “A higher power was welcoming me on to the shoot of this amazing and thrilling series.”

Directed by Mukul Abhyankar and produced by Siddharth Malhotra, ‘Bestseller’ will stream on Amazon Prime Video from February 18.




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