Food processing units to increase self-employment in UP

The Yogi Adityanath government is trying to increase self-employment among the youth in rural Uttar Pradesh through food processing units.

Under the current food processing industries policy, capital grants and rebate in interest are being provided to those who are setting up such units.

Apart from providing employment opportunities to people, these food processing units will also make the farmers of the villages economically self-reliant and fulfil the resolve of rural development.

According to the government spokesman, the state government will create new jobs in the rural areas through its 62,122 units.

A record investment of Rs 10,500 crore has been made in the food processing industry which is considered to be the backbone of the project.

The government has made amendments in its food processing industry policy and will be ready to provide employment to around 3 lakh people by bringing investment of more than Rs 20,000 crore.

To increase employment and self-employment in rural areas, the units are being set up according to the area wise agricultural production.

Units related to milk products will be set up in Aligarh, Bareilly, Bulandshahr, Kanpur Dehat, Jaunpur and Mathura, while Aurraiya and Kasganj will have units for making ghee.

Products based on green chillies will be set up in Varanasi and Deoria, mango in Lucknow, Amroha and Sitapur, Kala Namak rice in Basti, Gorakhpur and Siddhartha Nagar, banana chips in Kushinagar and potato in Purvanchal.

The spokesman said that there is an emphasis on setting up food processing units based on maize cultivation in western and central Uttar Pradesh.

It is noteworthy that in order to promote food processing industries in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government is giving an exemption in mandi rates to agricultural processing units and new rules have been made for that purpose.

The government is completely focused on bringing up more units to the state so that with more employment opportunities, farmers can also get maximum benefit from these units.

The government has also proposed a plan to set up agriculture and food processing industries on the vacant land of big mandis in the state.

Under this plan, the food processing units set up in the mandi area, which cost Rs five crore or more, are being exempted from mandi duty for five years.