‘For love’s sake’: Muslim man converts for his Hindu wife

A Muslim man in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district has converted to Hinduism for his wife whom he had married five years ago at a temple after falling in love with her.

Afsar Mansoori, a driver by profession and a resident of Kachnara village in Mandsaur, has changed his name to ‘Krishna Sanatani’.

Mansoori, after marrying Radha, stopped living along his family. As he kept following most Hindu customs including observing fast on Tuesdays, he eventually decided to turn Hindu.

Pandit Naresh Trivedi of ‘Gayatri Parivar’ conducted some rituals including bathing Mansoori with cow dung, cow urine, curd, milk and honey, and chanting mantras.

After becoming ‘Krishna Sanatani’, he said that he had met Radha while he used to transport patients to medical camps in Rajasthan’s Udaipur. Radha used to work there as a care-giver.

Gradually, they exchanged phone numbers after which conversations became more frequent between Mansoori and Radha. They eventually fell in love with each other, and decided to get married.

Meanwhile, his wife Radha said: “People usually become crazy when they fall in love… and they can go to any extent for the sake of love. And now, my husband has become Hindu.”




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