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Ford govt. reverses planned change of autism program

Facing a backlash and also fears that such decisions could affect the fortunes of the Federal conservatives, the Ford government announced it would now provide families with needs-based autism funding, rather than a set amount based on age.

In the meantime, families will continue to be given childhood budgets to bring more children off the wait list.

In a release, the ministry elaborated saying the strategy will be based on advice from their 20-member Autism Advisory Panel that includes parents of children with autism, clinicians, service providers, autism self-advocates and former public servants among others. The panel has been asked to develop recommendations for a needs-based program with the goal of helping as many children as possible.

The group is to base its recommendations on results from online surveys, telephone town halls and written submission along with evidence and science based data. The panel is expected to submit its advice by the end of the summer. -CINEWS

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