Foreign currency seized at Hyd Airport from Sharjah-bound passenger


Customs officials at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday recovered foreign currency worth over Rs 8 lakh from a passenger.

An official said 25,000 Saudi Riyals and 22,500 UAE Dirhams worth Rs 8,00,795 were recovered from a male passenger who was leaving for Sharjah by Indigo 6E 1405.

A case for attempted smuggling of foreign currency was booked against him.

This is the second such case at Hyderabad Airport this month.

On December 1, Customs officials had apprehended two male passengers bound for Dubai. They had seized 89,500 Saudi Arabian Riyals and 2,900 UAE Dirhams worth Rs 17.75 lakh from the duo.

The airport has witnessed a series of incidents of seizure of foreign currency, mostly Saudi Riyals and UAE Dirhams, in recent weeks.

On November 22, Customs officials had seized 55,000 UAE Dirhams and 970 US Dollars worth Rs 11.49 lakh from two female passengers bound for Sharjah.

Earlier, on November 8, a male passenger bound to Dubai was caught with 65,000 Saudi Arabian Riyals worth Rs 12.54 lakh.

On October 24, Customs officials had seized Saudi Riyals worth Rs 9.77 lakh from a female passenger bound for Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Riyals worth Rs 9.78 lakh were seized from a passenger on October 31. He was leaving for Sharjah when Customs officials found the foreign currency in his luggage.



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