Foreign students of Lucknow University get alumni cards

For the first time, about 21 foreign students of Lucknow University have been given Indian alumni cards under the initiative taken by ICCR so that the graduating students carry a sense of belonging and bond with the country wherever they go.

“The alumni card was awarded to the 2022 batch of foreign students, who studied at the LU under ICCR fellowships. This is a unique initiative of the ICCR to establish a cultural bond with the scholars, getting dispersed across the globe. The initiative shall add to the global connection and strengthen the mission of universal peace and amity,” said LU spokesman.

The cards were given at the farewell function held at the regional office of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) on Wednesday evening.

Regional director Arvind Kumar said: “From this year, ICCR has decided to organise a farewell function for ICCR scholars who would be finishing their studies. The aim of organising this event is not only to bid farewell to students but also to strengthen the bond. It is a significant step towards our cultural diplomacy.”




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