Forest, wildlife personnel in Delhi get new dress code


Forest and wildlife personnel in Delhi have been directed to dress up in Khaki shirts and pants and wield a baton during their time on the field, Delhi’s Department of Environment, Forests and Wildlife has notified.

Issued on Thursday, this notification came a day after four of the Forests and Wildlife Department’s employees were attacked by bootleggers in the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary on the Delhi-Haryana border. The injured included one deputy range officer and two wildlife guards.

According to the department, the khaki uniform and baton will provide the officials an identity while also strengthening the law enforcement in the forest area.

The Thursday incident could have been prevented if the personnel were wearing a badge or uniform as they represents some kind of authority, a forest official said, adding that after the new changes they will be taken more seriously and there will be no scope left for non-compliance.

Under the new code, a peak cap will be donned by personnel forests, wildlife inspectors and forest rangers with a black ribbon around it affixing letters DFW (Department of Forests and Wildlife) made of white metal. Whereas, forest and wildlife guards will don a khaki felt hat and carry a whistle.

For the baton, the notification reads, “Forest Guard and Forester shall keep with them a stick (lathi)/ polycarbonate baton in performing their duties.” While men will donn khaki shirts and pants, women personnel may wear Salwars, Kurtas, Dupattas, colours of which should be same as that of shirts and trousers, it added.

On September 23, around 25 people attacked a forest team with rods after being confronted by them.

Most of the smuggling takes place during night and these bootleggers are often carrying weapons like knives and sticks with them, an official said, adding that the department has intensified its efforts against this.