Former chairman attacked as Dudhsagar AGM turns violent

The annual general meeting of Mehsana District Cooperative Milk Producers Union turned violent after a security supervisor and his team assaulted a former chairman and his family.

At this, his son opened fire from his personal weapon injuring the security supevisor.

Since the last few days, there has been a slugfest between the camps of sitting chairman Ashok Chaudhary and his predecessor Vipul Chaudhary.

From Vipul Chaudhary’s camp, former chairman Moghjibhai Chaudhary had made serious allegations of financial irregularities and misuse of funds against sitting chairman and his team.

The annual general meeting was scheduled for Tuesday and Vipul Chaudhary camp members were attending the general meeting. When former chairman Moghjibhai Chaudhary and his family members tried to enter the dairy complex, they were stopped by the security team saying that their entry is banned.

According to Moghjibhai, when he argued with the security supervisor Jayanti Chaudhary, he and his team attacked him with sticks and even broke his car. To save him, his son in self defence opened fire in air. As he, his son and nephew were injured in the attack, all three were rushed to a private hospital, where they are being treated.

Dairy Security supervisor Jayanti Chaudhary suffered bullet injury and was rushed to government hospital for treatment, said a dairy staff.

Former chairman’s defence is that he had put up a private resolution against the chairman and his team, about misuse of dairy funds, unnecessary expenses and irregularities, he was going to raise unpalatable questions, so first he stopped participating in the general meeting and was later beaten by the security team.

When Deputy Superintendent of Police R.I. Desai was contacted he said: “At present, the situation is under control, police are deployed, so far the allegation of private firing and counter allegations are concerned, process of lodging FIR is going on, so can’t speak about it.”

In the Annual General Meeting, dairy chairman Ashok Chaudhary informed members that in the last one year dairy has earned Rs 627 crore more than last year. The dairy management has also decided to increase milk procurement rates, now farmers will be paid Rs 60 more per fat, because of which milk contributors will earn Rs 321 crore more this year, he added.




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