Formula One teams play down effect of new technical directive over porpoising

Formula One teams believe there will be no major effects from a new technical directive (TD) brought in at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix to limit the amount of porpoising.

Mercedes have been among the teams to be worst hit by the phenomenon, with cars bouncing up and down on straights because of new aerodynamic rules this year.

The governing FIA has drafted the new rules in order to better protect drivers’ health as F1 returns from a mid-season break.

Ferrari’s racing director Laurent Mekies told the Formula One website: “As far as we are concerned it’s an issue that pretty much has disappeared. If you have the issue you raise your car, if you don’t have it you could bring the car lower.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, whose defending champion Max Verstappen leads the championship, believes the bigger factor could be next season.

“I think the TD, for us it’s not a major issue,” he said.

“I think the bigger discussion is about a potential regulation change for next year that, here we are potentially in August, with what could be a major redesign of the car if the size of the floor were raised by the 25 millimetres that they’re talking about, and other aspects.

“I think that’s a far bigger discussion.” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff did not even mention the new directive in a team race preview on Wednesday.




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