Four children found dead in Bihar’s Darbhanga


Four children were found dead in Bihar’s Darbhanga district on Thursday, and are suspected to have drowned, police said.

The incident occurred at Mirzapur Jagani Tola village under Shihwada police station of the district.

The deceased, identified as Javed Ansari, Nafis Ansari, Mohamad Irsad Ansari, and Monu Sikgalar, all aged between 8 to 12, were missing since Wednesday evening, and their family members searched for them for the entire night.

Their bodies were eventually found in a water pit, and their clothes were found on the road side.

Local police officials suspect that the children went in the pit for a bath but did not realise its depth and drowned.

Police officials sent the bodies for a post-mortem examination.



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