Four school students in Lucknow make cars that clean dust

Four school students from Lucknow have built battery-powered cars that do not pollute the air but clean it as well.

According to them, these cars have been equipped with a Dust Filtration System (DFS) which cleans the air when the vehicle is driven.

The school children behind the innovation are Viraj Mehrotra(11), Aaryav Mehrotra(9), Garvit Singh(12), and Shreyansh Mehrotra(14).

The group — which calls itself ‘Four-ever’ — was mentored and supervised by Milind Raj, a robotic expert from Lucknow.

The idea behind the cars is to make the country free from sound and air pollution, introduce an affordable car in the EV segment, and help India become a self-reliant nation.

Among the most striking features of the three cars built by the team are — dust filtration system that catches the floating dust particles from the air, a range of 100 kilometres on a single full charge, modern design, and Brush Less Direct Current Motor (BLCDM) of 1,000W and 1,800W capacities, among others.

In the coming days, the team will work on making these cars 5G ready.

Another highlight of these cars that were built in just over 250 days is that a lot of their parts are made up of recycled material.

Besides, the three cars are of different sizes, shapes, and designs. Among them, one is a three-seater, the other is a two-seater, and the third one is a one-seater.

Speaking on their innovation, Shreyansh Mehrotra, a student of Class 10, said, “I have named my car Murcielago, which is a Spanish name for a bat. I draw inspiration from Elon Musk, who brought a revolution in the electric vehicle sector. It took me Rs 2 lakh (nearly) to develop this battery-run car that purifies the air.”

Garvit Singh, a student of Class 6, said that his car — named GS Motors (after his initials) — presently runs on lead acid battery, however, he will soon change it to lithium battery-powered vehicle.

“This would improve the car’s performance,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, Garvit’s schoolmates — Viraj and Amit Mehrotra — said that it took them Rs 2.93 lakh to build their cars.

While Viraj is a Class 6 student, Amit studies in Class 3.

The future mission of the group is to develop an ultra-affordable vehicle to promote road safety and transform mobility with the I.o.T. (Internet of Things) technology in India.




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