Fourth edition of Baithak Series ‘Swaradhyay’

New Delhi, Sep 25 (IANSlife) Rasa Siddhi, a collective of artists which aims to promote Indian classical music and art forms in association with The Pink Lotus Academia, an online and offline tutorial platform focused on Indian classical art forms and yoga, organizes “Swaradhyay” workshops to revive the traditional culture of Baithak, for over a year. Swaradhyay is organized by “Rasa Siddhi ”, a promotion of Indian Classical music organisation dedicated to honouring eminent musicians late Pt. Nikhil Bannerji and the late Shri Prashant Thakur.

“Rasa Siddhi” is a collective of Sitar artists led by Shri Soumitra Thakur, which aims to reintroduce the historic culture of Baithak singing back to the larger public’s eye. With the 4th edition of Swaradhyay scheduled on 2nd October 2021, the organization is set to celebrate the musical mastery of gifted performer Sowmya Gurucharan.

Music is celebrated and revered for not only being entertaining but highly meditative. That art connects people irrespective of societal divides and backgrounds is a well-known fact. Swaradhyay espouses this celebration of art in a baithak presentation, where both the artist and the audiences participate in an intimate emotional exchange and interact on a common platform. Such a tradition, away from the current culture of stage performances in auditoriums, adds a personal touch to the participants’ experiences and is exactly what Swaradhyay endeavours to bring to life.

Rasa Siddhi is a collective that aims to promote The Indian Classical music and Arts forms honouring eminent musicians Late Pandit Nikhil Banerjee and Late Shri Prashant Thakur. It is a registered trust under the norms of the Government of India which comprises many students and artists of Indian Classical music. It is led by a protegee Sitarist Shri Soumitra Thakur. The trust was established in the year 2019.

Music invokes various emotions and feelings which is where the name of the organisation comes in. There is a concept of Navarasa in Indian classical form, so through this, we try to bring out the emotions deep-seated in you. It organises a type of music gathering Baithak or Chamber style which means there is a closed interaction and limited audience. The artist and audience interact with each other and become part of the performance. As compared to large audience concerts which lack the personal touch, Baithak style is more personalised and interactive.

This type of music was popular until the amplification of sound began, and aims to do things in a little more traditional way.

Music is celebrated and revered for not only being entertaining but highly meditative. Art connects people irrespective of societal divides and backgrounds. Swaradhyay espouses this celebration of art in a Baithak presentation.

The last three editions of Swaradhyay received tremendous appreciation with a footfall of over 150 members, including senior artists and musicians, in each of the Baithaks.

(The Swaradhyay workshop and the concert will be held on Oct 2, 2021 at 7.30 p.m., at The Pink Lotus Academia in GK II, New Delhi, with all due safety protocols.)

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