Fox attack in K’taka village, 6 injured

The people of Kaddaragi village in Kalaburagi district of Karnataka are facing the threat of fox attacks.

The foxes are attacking people and livestock during the night time leading to panic and tension in the region.

According to the local authorities, six persons have been injured in the fox attack so far and the group of foxes has also injured a cow and calf.

Kaddaragi village and other villages located in the surrounding areas are close to the forest area that shelters a large number of foxes. These animals enter the residential areas in packs during nights and early morning hours and attack people and livestock.

The people are scared to come out of their houses during the nights, as a pack of 4 to 5 foxes prowl around. The people have appealed to the forest department officials to provide solutions to the crisis.

Mallamma, one of the victims, said that the fox caught her hand when she was out of her house. “I screamed and tried to take away my hand, it was not possible. Finally, our dog came to my rescue and helped me.”

Dyamappa said that he had to fight with the fox for nearly an hour. “It came like a dog and started licking my leg. When I tried to shoo it away, it caught my hand. It bit me many times. Later, people helped me get away by putting a wooden log into its mouth. The local police have visited the region and are talking with the forest officials for future course of action.




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