France faces new records in daily Covid-19 infections

France has saw a new daily record of infections since November 2020 with 61,340 new Covid-19 cases.

This brings the cumulative number of Covid-19 cases in the country to 8,048,931, Xinhua news agency reported.

According to the French Public Health Agency, the incidence rate has reached 448 cases per 100,000 residents. The death toll has passed 120,000, with 133 deaths recorded between Tuesday and Wednesday across the country.

With 2,608 patients currently hospitalised, several regions in France, including Ile-de-France where Paris is situated, have reactivated the so-called “white code” in hospitals to equip them with more staff and beds for future patients.

As the fifth wave of the pandemic is hitting France, Government Spokesperson Gabiel Attal has reminded the population to respect preventive measures, such as wearing a facial mask and presenting the vaccination pass, when in closed areas.

Jean-Francois Delfraissy, the president of France’s Scientific Council, told the French Senate on Wednesday that a fourth dose of vaccine might be needed as new variants of the virus appear.

He reminded the Senate that around 400,000 citizens over the age of 80 are not yet vaccinated and that people in this age group are more at risk of catching the coronavirus.

France has 75.8 per cent of its population fully vaccinated, and more than 12 million people have received their booster shots.

“Because we are all doing a collective effort, especially this summer and this autumn, with the vaccination pass and the acceleration of the vaccination, we are protected,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday.

With the holiday season approaching, the French government announced on Wednesday that dancing will be banned in bars and restaurants, effective from December 10 until January 6, to limit the transmission of the virus.

The French government on Monday decided to close down nightclubs for four weeks starting this weekend. Other measures include the mandatory use of facial masks in schools, teleworking for businesses and the opening of a vaccination program for children.




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