France launches national consultative body for building consensus

French President Emmanuel Macron launched has the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), a consultative body bringing together citizens and influential figures with a background in politics, economy, social affairs, and associations, to carry out a “broad national consultation” on a wide range of issues.

The goal is to “build consensus on the situation of France and its future” by enhancing cooperation and dialogue between all parties present and allowing the French to be “more associated” with the state’s decision-making, Xinhua news agency quoted the President as saying.

Macron said he wants to take concrete actions concerning education, health, and employment in tandem with the local institutions.

“The French trusted me for the second time to act,” he said, announcing the start of a “national online consultation” next week and possible referendums in the future.

Macron said he aims to end the consultations with a calendar of actions for the next months and years for France.

“The (consultative) body will make it possible to share (our) diagnoses and identify a certain number of problems and objectives” at the national level and to consider “the local and territorial aspects of the (proposed) reforms”, government spokesperson Oliver Veran said.




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