France reveals EU presidency agenda


French President Emmanuel Macron has presented France’s presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), under the motto “Recovery, Power, Belonging”.

The first axis of France’s presidency is Europe’s sovereignty, Xinhua news agency quoted Macron as saying.

France plans to move towards” a Europe that is powerful in the world, fully sovereign, free in its choices and in charge of its own destiny,” Macron said.

The Schengen area will be politically monitored under EU public institutions to control the circulation of EU population and migrants.

France also plans to use its presidency to define strategic European sovereignty with NATO and neighboring countries over the African continent and the Balkans.

The second axis is a new European model of production, solidarity and regulation. “Europe must be able to follow technological advancement and take into consideration the environmental crisis,” Macron said.

Content regulation and digital responsibility will allow the EU to be a digitalized continental power, Macron said.

“We will also move forwards negotiations on the creation of a European instrument to fight against imported deforestation, which is to ban imports to the European Union of soya, beef, palm oil, cocoa and coffee when they contribute to deforestation,” Macron said.

France also wants the EU to promote international rights, values and bring a positive image and example to the international community, according to Macron.

“Europeans must know its history and accomplishments to fight against racism, antisemitism, fake news and hate speech,” the French president said.

During the press conference, Macron also announced different dates of meetings with officials regarding the different axis of France’s presidency of the Council of the EU.



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