French director Jean-Jacques Annaud sourced actual footage of Notre-Dame blaze for his film


The makers of ‘Notre-Dame On Fire’ left no stone unturned to lend authenticity to the film which captures the blaze that took place at the historic Notre-Dame cathedral, and tells the story of many courageous souls who risked everything to douse the deadly flames.

A stickler for perfection, the director of the film Jean-Jacques Annaud birthed a new idea to make his film, as the team decided to source clips of the actual fire that people had recorded.

An exclusive website was set up for the same purpose, and netizens began submitting a barrage of videos that documented the event. The footage were combined and added to the film, giving it a very unique touch of realism while at the same time lending the grandeur to the film.

After receiving thunderous acclaim in the global circuit, ‘Notre-Dame On Fire’ is coming to Indian shores. A PVR Pictures release, the film stars Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Paul Bordes and Mickael Chirinian, and is set to drop in Indian cinemas on June 24.



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