French official’s remarks on vaccines hybrid of racism: Russia


The remarks by a French official of not recognising Russian Covid-19 vaccines were “a hybrid of racism, imperial hegemonism and neo-Nazism,” a spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow has said

French Minister of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune made the remarks last week, which was quite inappropriate and went against laws, ethics and morality, Xinhua news agency quoted spokesperson Maria Zakharova as saying on her Telegram channel on Saturday.

“It is particularly striking that Western countries with cold-bloodedness, cynicism and cruelty are fighting for profits during the period of mankind’s struggle against the pandemic,” she wrote.

In an interview with France 2, Beaune suggested limiting the list of authorized vaccines by the European Union and to be cautious and “say no” to a number of “other vaccines, in particular, the Russian and Chinese ones”.