French silk expert wants to see Murshidabad in global Silk City network

Celebrated French textile artist and silk expert Isabelle Moulin on Thursday said that she intends to put West Bengal’s well-known “Murshidabad Silk” in the global Silk City network.

“Two days ago, I launched the membership of Bengaluru — the first Indian city in the global Silk City network. Now, we have nine countries and 13 cities. If everything goes fine, then with time, I hope ‘Murshidabad Silk’ too can make it to the network. The network helps artisans, and craftsmen to exchange knowledge, build trade relations and understand various craftsmanship techniques,” Moulin said during an interactive session with select mediapersons here at Oxford Bookstore.

Moulin said she would travel to Murshidabad district, and interact with craftsmen, local experts of silk, and study the culture of silk artists.

She said that the entire initiative would be carried out in partnership with Institut francais India, Embassy of France and Crafts Council of West Bengal.

According to her, the knowledge of the artisans is not just very specific but also precious.

“If we lose this knowledge, it would be absolutely catastrophic. My study will not only aim to preserve that but would give it a global platform,” Moulin said.

According to her, the global Silk City network so far has 12 “best silk-producing cities” from all over the globe across eight countries as its member.

She said, to date, Indian silk had been only catering as a fabric for the Indian people and not a lot of export has happened done.

“Now with the open market, I am sure India will catch up as far as the use of silk is concerned in various sectors. The silk-producing cities here including Murshidabad can play a huge role as a change-maker,” she added.

She further said silk is more than just a fabric for garments, adding, silk is used in artificial intelligence-driven technologies, surgeries, dental implants and face creams.

“This is because of its tensile strength, it is used in military eye gear. There are lots of other uses. In fact, in China, silkworms are eaten because of their nutritional content. So, silk can be an answer during the food crisis,” Moulin said.




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