Fresh protests demanding civilian rule erupt in Sudan

A fresh round of demonstrations took place in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and other cities to demand civilian rule in the North African country.

Groups of protesters set out from Bashdar bus station in the capital city and marched towards the Republican Palace in central Khartoum, reports Xinhua news agency.

In a bid to contain the demonstrations, authorities have closed most of the state’s bridges linking the three major cities of Khartoum, Omdurman, and Bahri, leaving only Al-Halfaya and Suba bridges open to traffic.

The security bodies have also closed most of the roads around the army’s general command headquarters and those leading to the presidential palace.

On Saturday, the UN launched an intra-Sudanese political process to end the crisis.

Volker Perthes, the UN envoy for Sudan, said in a statement that the political process would seek a “sustainable path forward towards democracy and peace” in the country. It was not immediately clear when discussions might begin.

On January 2, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced his resignation amid a political crisis and waves of protests in the country.

Sudan has been suffering a political crisis after the general commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan declared a state of emergency on October 25, 2021 and dissolved the Sovereign Council and the government.

More than 55 people have been killed in protests since the coup.




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