From time travel to helicopter view of the future, many hooks for visitors

The Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya (Prime Ministers’ Museum) not just makes one aware of the past of the country but also shows what the country’s future would be like.

The visitors of the museum can get an insight into India’s history, post-independence achievements, and developments.

Along with this, one can also get to know about the country’s plans and vision for the future by sitting in a “helicopter”.

Though it is not a real chopper, the feeling that one gets after sitting inside it is almost that of a real one. On the screen fitted inside it, one can see what the future of the country would look like.

Along with this, visitors can take a photo with any Prime Minister of their choice and can also get their video recorded while walking in Parliament with them.

One can also take a letter in his or her name signed by his or her favourite Prime Minister.

Keeping in mind the youth of the country, the gallery has been created in the museum so that the youth of the country can listen and know the story of India’s constitution, its freedom struggle and the development.




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