G20 members to introduce assessment tool to evaluate affirmative policies for disabled people

Representatives of G20 countries have agreed to introduce an assessment instrument to measure how far each country’s policies have accommodated the needs of people with disabilities.

The agreement was concluded at the Sixth G20 Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting in Bali, which mainly discussed inclusive job opportunities.

“We aim to ensure that workers with disabilities could have the same opportunities as other workers. Thus, we agree to formulate an instrument that can evaluate whether the policies in every country have been friendly with the disabled people and how far their realisations of affirmative actions for the people with disabilities,” Secretary General of Indonesia’s Manpower Ministry Anwar Sanusi said on Tuesday in a written statement released after the G20 EWG meeting.

The G20 EWG, he added, also raised other development issues, including the development of capacity of human resources and social protection in the working environment.

“Inclusive job creation is one of the issues raised by Indonesia’s G20 Presidency at the EWG meeting that will later be discussed further at the Labor and Employment Ministers Meeting held tomorrow (Wednesday),” Sanusi said.




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