Gandhi fell to a bullet, Kerala Khadi Board vice-chairman gets bullet-proof car

An unusual developemnt surfaced on Monday when the Khadi Board vice-chairman P.Jayarajan was sanctioned a brand new bullet proof Innova car by the beleaguered and bankrupt State Finance department.

This raised eye-brows at how the Pinarayi Vijayan-led CPI-M government runs the show. However, two other state minister’s were also sanctioned the same.

Soon the social media came alive and one discourse was that Gandhi ji promoted Khadi and fell to a bullet, while Jayarajan, a veteran CPI-M leader from Kannur needs a bullet proof car to move around to promote Khadi.

With the discussion gaining traction, Jayarajan, through Facebook, said that the vehicle he currently uses is a decade old and since it requires frequent repairs he is unable to reach various places on time.

He further said that not long ago, when RSS activists barged into his house with swords, the only defence he had was a cane chair.

“Those who know me will understand,” said Jayarajan, a former legislator.

It’s still baffling many, that given his seniority in the party, why he was given the post of vice-chairman of Khadi Board.

His predecessor in this position was turncoat politician Shobana George, who left the Congress party just before the 2016 assembly polls and joined CPI-M.

The demand for a bullet proof car by Jayarajan has become the talking point across news channels and even the local tea shops.




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