Ganesh Acharya: “Dance is and will always be my priority”


Bollywood’s popular choreographer Ganesh Acharya has made many stars dance to his moves. The dancer has also dabbled in acting, but the choreographer insists that his solace remains in dance alone.

As reported by HT, Ganesh Acharya said, “Dance is and will be my priority always. Choreography can never take a back seat ever. My devotion for the craft made me what I’m today. Otherwise, how is it possible that a youngster from slums could reach this far?”

Ganesh, who has choreographed dances in movies like ‘Judwaa-2’, ‘Sanju’ and ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ spoke about acting in movies. He said, “Acting too can happen periodically. My focus is my work. With pandemic slowing down now and industry running back on track, I have many big projects lined up for this year and next.”

Ganesh Acharya is now looking much fitter these days. A few years earlier, the choreographer had become quite obese and faced a few health issues due to that too. He credits his fitter avatar to the amount of work he is taking up these days.

Speaking about his fitter self, he says, “After losing 98 kilograms I actually felt energetic and all charged up. This was the best phase to take up high volume of work and also pursue thoda bahut (some) acting.”

The national award-winning choreographer, further said, “Surely being fitter has changed a lot of things for me but my passion for dance was there even when I was on the heavier side.”

Ganesh expresses how thrilled he was to finally play the lead in a movie. Speaking about it, he said, “My next release that also happens to be my first in a lead role will be Dehati Disco. I am extremely happy as well as a bit nervous too, all in good faith, though. It’s a beautiful story of a father-son duo with dance as its premise. Also, a large number of choreography projects like Oh My God 2, Brahmastra, Ram Setu and a Raju Hirani film with Shah Rukh Khan are under process.


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