Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi won’t forgive Salman Khan for killing a blackbuck

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who was reportedly behind the threat letter sent to Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan has apparently stated that he will never forgive the Bollywood superstar for killing the blackbuck. This was reported by the Delhi Police Special Cell said this on Sunday, July 10.

According to the special cell, gangster Bishnoi has claimed that he will reconsider his decision to forgive Salman only after the ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ actor gives an apology in public.

This news has reportedly broken days after Salman Khan’s lawyer Hastimal Saraswat also received a death threat letter from Bishnoi’s gang.

The letter stated that Hastimal and his family would also meet the same fate as the late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

The letter read, “The enemy’s friend is our enemy. We will not spare anyone, not even your family members. You will meet the same fate as Moose Wala, soon.”

A month or so earlier, Bishnoi and his gang had sent a similar letter to Salim Khan, Salman Khan’s father.

The Special Commissioner of Police told a news portal in an interview that during the interrogation process, Bishnoi had stated that their family considered the blackbuck to be a reincarnation of their spiritual and religious guru Bhagwan Jambeshwar also known as Jambaji. Therefore, as far as Bishnoi is concerned, be it an acquittal or a punishment from the court, it will not be the end of it for Salman Khan.

The special cell officer also added that Bishnoi stated that he would only change his mind if Salman Khan and his father apologise to his entire community in public. It’s either that or the Bishnoi’s kill them.

For now, Salman Khan is living with increased security and as per ETimes, a source told the portal that ten officers of the special force have been posted outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment. Moreover, 15 CCTV cameras have also been installed in his building and the neighbourhood for added security. The officers shadow Salman on the sets of his movies as well.



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