Gaurav Amlani reveals more about his latest project ‘Punyashlok Ahilyabai’

Actor Gaurav Amlani opens up about playing a pivotal role of Ahilya’s husband ‘Khanderao’ in ‘Punyashlok Ahilyabai’ which is based on the life of legendary queen Rani Ahilyabai Holkar.

This is the first time Gaurav is doing a historical show and is also quite excited about the genre.

“I believe this genre has a charm like no other. Being an audio-visual medium, it is almost like magic that we can literally peep into the life which was lived centuries ago. You pick anything to watch in this genre and it is like buying a ticket to peep into that world! Like magic!” says the actor who is a well-known face of theatre, television and film.

He adds: “So as an actor getting this opportunity to essay the role of such a complex personality is a blessing. From the way of dressing and lifestyle to understanding the internal and external conflicts of that time is like a time-travel experience for me.”

Till now, the audience has seen ‘Khanderao’ as a child and as a teenager. The show has taken a seven-year leap that has solidified one side of him and on the other hand, it has completely changed him in many ways.

“The grown up ‘Khanderao’ is a volcano of energy, emotions and especially has a lot of love for Ahilya. Without disclosing more about the grown-up ‘Khanderao’, I just want to tell you that he is every shade between black and white. He’s simply unpredictable and a very strong headed man,” shares Gaurav.

Gaurav got very little time to do the research for this role but still he managed to understand the traits of this character. He explains: “It happened like a flash for me. I honestly had very little time to think and research in-depth. We all have different lives and we are the way we are because of some very crucial life situations.”

“I worked on finding his soul, his deep hidden emotions and complexities. He will be a lover to Ahilya, not just a friend. All this really helped me to lay the base but it is all going to evolve as I will now live with him for this journey,” concludes Gaurav.