Friday, July 19, 2024

Gaurav Chopra on Sunny Deol: ‘He never imposes his superstardom on anyone’

Actor Gaurav Chopra, who was last seen as Prince Reddy in the OTT show ‘Rana Naidu’, is all set to share the screen with Sunny Deol in the upcoming film ‘Gadar 2’, sequel to Sunny’s 2001 blockbuster hit.

Gaurav, who plays a pivotal role in the film, shared his experience working with Sunny and said that despite his towering stature, the actor doesn’t impose his stardom on anyone and is, in fact, very grounded.

Elaborating on the same, Gaurav told IANS: “He is everything that you’ve known him to be over so many years. He is not very talkative on the set, but it takes you 5 minutes to understand that he likes to keep it simple. He likes to keep his life and his presence grounded. Not just him, his entire staff, his entire aura, his entire presence on the set is grounded.”

Gaurav is known for his extensive work in films and television and has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Blood Diamond’.

The actor further mentioned: “His conversations are not contrived, or he’s never trying to impose his superstardom on anyone. It’s all very real and very warm when you talk to him. And so my experience was no different. He was being very, very polite right from day one.”



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